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Terrorism: Lula da Silva says Israel committing ‘equivalent of terrorism’ in Gaza

BRASILIA: Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said Tuesday Israel is committing the "equivalent of terrorism" in Gaza by killing innocent women...

Terrorism: Serious terror threat to US since IS: FBI boss

WASHINGTON: The attack by Hamas on Israel will inspire the most significant terror threat to the US since the rise of IS nearly...

Terrorism: Russia says it’s talking to both Israel and Palestinians as Putin blames failure of US policy

MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday said the explosion of violence between Israel and the Palestinians showed the failure of US policy...

Terrorism: An unholy alliance and its Canada link laid bare in a diplomatic standoff

The recent killings of two Punjab-origin, Canada-settled pro-Khalistan handlers of terrorists and gangsters spread across the world have not only triggered a diplomatic...

Drug Trafficking: Tajikistan’s president Emomali Rahmon expresses concern about increasing threats of terrorism, drug trafficking from Afghanistan

DUSHANBE: Tajikistan's Ppresident Emomali Rahmon has expressed his concern about the increasing threats of terrorism and drug trafficking from Afghanistan into Tajikistan, Khaama...

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