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Monetary Policy: Federal Reserve Governor Bowman says it will likely be appropriate to raise rates again

Federal Reserve Governor Michelle Bowman on Saturday repeated her view that inflation continues to be too high despite "considerable" progress in lowering it,...

Monetary Policy: China’s central bank adviser proposes structural reforms to revive economy

SHANGHAI: China has limited room for further monetary policy easing, and it should pursue structural reforms such as encouraging entrepreneurs rather than counting...

Russian ruble plunges past 100 against dollar for first time since March 2022

MOSCOW: The Russian ruble slid past 100 against the dollar Monday, its lowest level since March 23, 2022 -- weeks after Moscow unleashed...

RBI may continue to hold rate amid concern over inflation: Experts

The Reserve Bank is likely to continue with the pause on the key interest rate at its upcoming monetary policy review, as concerns...

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