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Scan-to-Cook feature, Diet Fry & Ghee in 12 mins: How LG’s range of Microwave Ovens is making everyday cooking easy, quick, convenient & healthy!

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Imagine you are tired and hungry, and you crave a delicious homemade Gluten-free Pasta/Brown Rice Risotto. You don’t want to order in because health is your priority, but the thought of slaving away in the kitchen seems daunting too. Wouldn’t it be just amazing if you had someone do the job for you just at the click of a button? Hold on to your aprons because the modern microwave is that new best friend, equipped to handle your daily cooking needs and make life a whole lot smoother!

Traditionally, microwaves have long been favoured for reheating food quickly and conveniently in Indian households. But with the advent of the latest technology & innovation, these reheating marvels have now transformed into cooking wizards. Readying any dish is now a breeze as these microwave ovens are equipped to handle your daily needs with top-notch features, making them the perfect companion you have always needed to make everyday life more convenient and efficient. Don’t believe us?

Take a look yourself at one of India’s leading market players, LG’s WiFi-enabled Scan To Cook Charcoal Healthy Oven. This Made-In-India Convection Microwave Oven has been garnering a lot of attention for retaining the natural flavours and nutrition of the food while also offering a quick, convenient, easy and versatile experience to its users.


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Let’s explore exactly how the LG Charcoal Healthy Oven range is revolutionising the way we cook and why it is a must-have for Indian homes:
1. LG’s Charcoal Lighting Heater: Healthier and more versatile cooking

The Charcoal Lighting Heater in the LG Charcoal Healthy Oven range brings restaurant-like Barbeque and Tandoori cooking to the comfort of your home. With this innovative technology guaranteeing a 10-year warranty*, you can cook dishes like Tandoori Chicken with ease, achieving a perfect balance of crispy & smokey outside and juicy inside.

Now, healthy and delicious meals are just a microwave away!

2. LG’s Charcoal Healthy Heart Auto Cook Menu: A delight for health-conscious foodies

For those looking to lose weight without compromising on taste, LG has introduced the Charcoal Healthy Heart* Auto Cook Menu with 30 recipes, certified by Heart Care Foundation. This feature allows you to prepare heart-friendly recipes, including delectable and gluten-free pasta, Quinoa veg upma, whole wheat vegetable khichdi, kadhai tofu, buckwheat porridge and several such recipes. Savour the goodness of lip-smacking food while taking care of your health & nutrition – it’s a win-win situation!

3. Diet Fry – Savor fried delights guilt-free

Who doesn’t love the crispy goodness of fried snacks? With LG’s Charcoal Microwave Oven range equipped with a Diet Fry feature, you can enjoy your favourite fried treats without worrying about excessive oil consumption. The brand claims you use upto 88% less oil while frying. Make your snack time an absolute delight while preparing samosas, gujiyas, pakoras, and more with minimal oil, ensuring a guilt-free indulgence for your loved ones!

4. Pasteurize Milk – Convenience & nutrition combined

Working from home often leaves us struggling to find time for conventional milk boiling or preparing chapatis. LG Charcoal Microwave Oven range offers a solution with their unique ‘Pasteurize Milk’ feature, eliminating the hassles of traditional milk boiling and also allowing you to prepare 28 different varieties of Indian Breads like Naan, Paranthas & more. This process retains the milk’s nutrition while making the whole experience more convenient than ever. Now, say goodbye to spills and overflowing milk pots!

5. Ghee in 12 mins: The smell-free & hygienic way

Making ghee is one of the most tedious and messy jobs to do at home. It often also comes with an unpleasant smell that lingers in the kitchen. With the LG Charcoal Healthy Microwave Oven range, you can now make hygienic ghee in just 12 minutes without any odour! This feature not only provides easy cooking options but also adds extra convenience to your kitchen routines.

With all these amazing features that the LG Charcoal Healthy Microwave Oven range comes equipped with, the brand has taken user convenience to the next level, particularly with its WiFi-enabled Scan To Cook Microwave; here’s how:

Scan To Cook Feature: Cooking made quick & convenient

Could you ever imagine that your food could get cooked just by scanning the instructions on an app? All you have to do is just scan and press a button!

Here’s how the Scan To Cook model works: This microwave oven is wifi-enabled and lets you cook any recipe with just a scan. All you have to do is place the food in the microwave, scan the QR code, access the LG’s recipe menu, select the recipe and press the start button on the microwave oven allowing it to cook your meals every time perfectly.

So, why the delay when you can now live the luxury of coming home to a delicious homemade meal without the fuss of traditional cooking? Embrace the future of cooking with LG’s innovative Scan To Cook technology. These companions will set your everyday kitchen chores up with a delightful experience, and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them; it’s the kitchen genie you’ve always needed.

*MWO Feature Disclaimers

10 Year warranty applicable on Charcoal Heater (Parts only)
30 Heart-Friendly recipes certified by Heart Care Foundation Of India : Heart Friendly recipes are neither substitute for nor do they replace professional medical advice.
Ghee in 12 minutes: Time may vary from model to model
Diet Fry (Upto 88% less oil usage) – As per internal test reports

Disclaimer: The article has been produced on behalf of LG by the Times Internet’s Spotlight team.

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